Save others, snatching them out of the fire
— Jude 1:23

At Anticipate Media, what we do is simple: 
we specialize in creating cinematic films that help move, change, and save lives.

And we do it in a way that is most likely so succeed: by using emotion to help people remember what to do.

We serve those in the Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Security sectors, as well as artists, churches, and non-profit institutions all of whom share one common goal: to serve and to save humanity. 

We tell stories and create training and promotional films that help your audience feel and remember. And that's what you need in visual communication. Especially if you are saving lives.


A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.
— Stanley Kubrick, Director

Our primary goal is simple: we ensure you see life as you remember it through the creation of cinematic video. The scientific evidence supporting this emotional-memory theory has been widely studied. Unfortunately, this finely crafted approach to emotionally conveying critical information and feeling is often missing in much video and especially emergency response training that we see today.

At Anticipate Media, we want you to succeed in influencing, changing and saving people's lives. Creating effective communications isn't about the volume of buzzwords you can use. We are simply about getting it done. What matters at the end of the day is simple: does your audience remember your message or not? Are they engaged emotionally in what you are saying? If not? Your message is lost. 

But if you create something that people relate to in their hearts? They remember what you said. And that can make the difference between a tear shed or not, or a life saved or lost.

If you make people feel emotion when they watch your video, it becomes a “film”. They will remember the message and the content, because it essentially becomes associated to memory in their brain’s inner wiring. This approach may preserve a memory, save a life, or even fill a soul.
— Paul Antico, Founder, Anticipate Media


We are a unique team of seasoned news, cinema, public safety, intelligence, and counterterrorism professionals who has helped form many emergency response plans. We gather the latest intel, we stay in tune with the latest in Emergency Preparedness techniques... and we then translate that into art.

We are artists at the intersection of passion and planning, faith and fortitude. 

Anticipate Media is about conveying the power, emotion, and experience of life, and how to save it. We do so with training and promotional films that are hard-hitting and dynamic, yet human. 

We anticipate that next great event, help your audience prepare for it, experience it, and never forget what to do next.

How we do this is through the use of cutting edge, modern, rapid-response filmmaking. We use all the tools of the trade: cinema, marketing, psychological studies, counter adversarial studies, cutting edge communications methods, shots that aim for diversity and inclusion, and much more to make your job get done right.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.
— Steve Jobs


Paul has been creating digitally based art in some form for over 35 years, and has been a professional internal and external communicator for nearly 30 years. Paul is also a skilled emergency response planner, and a counterterrorism professional who knows how to marry art, science, storytelling, and the realities of today's dangerous world into films that make a difference.

Paul is an artist first and foremost. As part of an extensive career, he began with print design, then migrated online, and always with an eye for film and video production using whatever digital tools modern at the time. He was a pioneer in producing impactful content at an early age, and that drive has never ceased.

Identifying a need for a boutique creative firm to make cinematic visuals for markets usually not served by the film industry, Paul founded Anticipate Media in 2011. Both in that capacity, and in past positions with other companies, Paul has created, produced, or consulted on visual artwork of all kinds for varied entities such as:

  • the Massachusetts State Police, 
  • MassDOT
  • the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • Massport
  • the MBTA
  • the Canadian Royal Mounted Police
  • the US Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston
  • the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Clear Point Consultants & NetPoint,
  • Infoteria Corporation in Japan,
  • and many more.

Paul's work is also currently trusted and featured by one of the largest government security agencies in the world as part of other employment. His emergency training productions have heavily influenced the production of active threat mitigation training programs for many agencies including the US and Canadian governments.

Paul has also authored or worked in a team to design specific risk-based security measures and other risk mitigation techniques, all of which has formed the bedrock for our modern-day training and promotional films for our high-profile clients.

ANTICIPATE MEDIA is: rick, kent, AND anthony. and sid. AND SARAH. and you.

Generally, when you hire Anticipate Media you will get Paul Antico as the producer and finish editor. However, we use the term "we" for a reason; filmmaking is a wholly collaborative process.

It is not often that a film company also has on retainer experts in news and event gathering, reality and sports television, emergency preparedness, intelligence gathering and analysis, non-verbal communications, diversity and inclusion, and community building on the team. Yet we do.

We have a team that is second to none and not only can help film your training events or promote your department, we can work with you to actually form those plans and training. It is our job to anticipate what is next - to keep your audience entertained, informed, and most of all, safe. 

Only the most skilled creatives and subject matter experts work for and with Anticipate Media.

You are part of the team. Welcome aboard.

Our approach is a collaborative one, whether with our hired on crews or with you - the client. At Anticipate Media, we believe that we can't begin to craft the emotion and communicative approach you seek on screen without engaging you. We are selective in the jobs and clients we take, because we want to work hand in hand with each client to craft precisely what they need. That means you will be part of the team, working together to ensure the heart and soul of your message makes it through to your audience in the end.

The NeedCreative Brand & Podcast

We created a brand years ago that began with a Twitter account and then turned into a blog about making digital cinematic visuals with relatively affordable tools. It was called "NeedCreative", and was about the constant need to be creative and the want to eek every ounce of capability out of modern tools to tell stories and make emotional magic. It was closed down to better focus time on creative projects.

The name lived on for over a year as an audio Podcast titled The NeedCreative Podcast dedicated to the same mission, which was transitioned to Ben Consoli at BC Media Productions to become the wildly successful Go Creative Show in 2014. In addition, many of Paul's sample films have been released under the NeedCreative brand, which we own. Some of our older sample work that is allowed to be viewed publicly is shown under that service mark.