Paul Antico, founder of Anticipate Media, has been a professional communicator for nearly 32 years.

“I grew up in a small city north of Boston that no one pronounces right.” Paul says. “My Dad used to take me into the bigger city and park me in front of George Washington’s statue in Boston Common. He handed me a camera, and taught me how to really see the world with open eyes.

We went on many an adventure. From sweet summers and endless crashing waves by the ocean on Cape Cod, to the slow rustling of my feet in the leaves on crisp fall days in the woods, my parents and the Earth - together - spoke to me. And I channeled it all through a pretty glass lens.

My mother told me to work hard, save more, and always be respectful of how other people are. My dad taught me to see everything around me: ‘be circumspect, my boy.’

To this day he still loves the big words. And even bigger ideas.

Life to me is about authenticity. In what we see and how we feel. To me the lens and the edit both are tools to both take in beauty and project souls. I want people to remember, the good and bad, happy and sad. To feel. To never forget what makes us human.

Just like my parents taught me in and out of that little city north of the bigger one.”

A marketing, photo/film producer, and a counterterrorism & emergency response professional. He knows how to marry art, science, storytelling, and the realities of today's world into films & photos that make a difference.

Starting very early with that first camera, he grew his love for creativity into an extensive creative career. Beginning with print design, he migrated online in the early days of the World Wide Web. He was a pioneer in producing impactful content at an early age with cutting-edge digital tools, and that drive has never ceased. Over time he moved into video, and progressed into telling stories with cinematic equipment.

Identifying a need for a boutique creative firm to make digitally produced cinematic-style visuals for markets usually not served by the film industry, Paul founded Anticipate Media in 2011. The firm has since expanded to what its is today.

Paul has won many awards, including best documentary from the National Association of Government Communicators, and Unsung Hero and Team Awards from the US Department of Homeland Security.

Paul's is also currently trusted, and his creative work featured as a 17+ year employee with the US Department of Homeland Security. (See Disclaimers) His work has served as templates for active threat training for state and national governments alike including the governments of Massachusetts, Canada, and the United States (DHS, FBI.)

Anticipate Media is also Rick, Kent, & Anthony.

And Sid. And Josh.

And you.

Generally, when you hire Anticipate Media you will get Paul Antico as the producer and finish editor. Paul is also a seasoned professional photographer.

However, we use the term "we" for a reason; filmmaking is a wholly collaborative process. And we have more Emmys on the team than we can count.

It is not often that a film company also has ready access to experts in:

  • News and event gathering

  • Reality and sports television

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Intelligence gathering and analysis

  • Non-verbal communications

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Fashion & Music

  • Hospitality

  • Acting & Scriptwriting

Yet we do.

You are part of the team. Welcome.

We are selective in the jobs and clients we take, because we want to work hand in hand with each client to craft precisely what they need. That means you will be part of the team, working together to ensure the heart and soul of your message makes it through to your audience in the end.

Our approach is a collaborative one, whether with our hired on crews or with you - the client. At Anticipate Media, we believe that we can't begin to craft the emotion and communicative approach you seek on screen without engaging you.