Think. See. Feel. Remember.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission
of feeling the artist has experienced.
— Leo Tolstoy

It's time for video that changes people, by making them remember.

Life is a collection of moments we must remember and cherish as long as we can. We remember the moments with a panache and style that can't often be recreated on-screen, at least without going to Hollywood. Until now. 

Welcome to Anticipate Media:
Creating Cinematic Visuals that make you and those you care about see the world in a new way, and feel their humanity a lot more. When you FEEL, you REMEMBER. And that's what you need in communication. Especially if you are saving lives.



Our primary goal is simple: we ensure you see life as you remember it through the creation of cinematic video. Memories are often much more grandiose in our mind's eye than they ever seem to be when documented in the media we have available to us. The scientific evidence supporting this emotional-memory theory has been widely studied. Unfortunately, this finely crafted approach to emotionally conveying critical information and feeling is often missing in much video and film we see today.

How does emotion play into memory? Take for example the moment when your child is born. It feels like a magical moment full of emotion and life-altering pathways. However, after you settle down and take a look at your footage from your camcorder, it looks flat - and not what you imagined. It's a stale document.

Or perhaps you want to change lives and communicate emotionally your organization's mission to those clients and customers you serve... but don't want to do it in a dry, rote, "video by the pound" presentation as is so common. When that happens - no one remembers the message. When the critical time comes that your audience needs to remember what was in your video... they don't.

A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.
— Stanley Kubrick, Director

At Anticipate Media, we want you to succeed in changing people's lives. We want you want to lead not follow.  Anticipate Media can create moving pictures that change the way people see you, your business, your agency, your art, and what you make and what you do. We can help make people connect viscerally, with feeling, to what you uniquely represent. 

And then? They remember what you said. That can make the difference between a tear shed or not, or a life saved or lost.