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You don't often think of filmmaking in that way, but if you're in the military, law enforcement, or security sectors - think of the quality of the training films you see. Remember the emergency preparedness videos you may have had to watch. Do you remember the details?

Sure, they communicated the how and the when. But did they address the why? Did they communicate the humanity of the situation? If not, then the message could be lost: and lives along with it when tragedy strikes.

The link between emotion and memory is a well studied scientific theory. When you feel emotion, you tend to remember the moment - good or bad. This critical scientific approach to art is what sets Anticipate Media out from the rest; we know what points you need to get across and we know how to bring people there in their hearts and minds.

Anticipate Media knows your sector because we live it. We will work with you from conceptualization to script to filming to post production. We will help you tell the story, get the critical training points in, and maybe even help your audience shed a tear.

We have expert counterterrorism intelligence experts on staff to help you review your script for the latest in threat information. We have skilled Emmy-award winning camera operators and editors who cut their teeth in news. We have the latest in 4K cinema gear. 

We don't handle our jobs any less than the public deserves: with excellence and attendance to their needs. Why? Because at the end of the day, humanity matters. People matter. You are, after all, there for them.

Case Study: The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Emergency Preparedness Film Series

The MBTA is the nation's 5th largest mass transit system in terms of daily ridership. It serves a population of nearly 5 million people in 176 cities and towns, with an area of 3,249 square miles.

And when the MBTA needed a package of training and promotional films to train all their employees, they came to Anticipate Media.

We produced an emotional, hard hitting Active Shooter training film for them, and then a series of follow on pieces designed to educate, promote, and inspire. Two of those pieces are shown on this page.

From MassDOT to their internal clients such as the MBTA, MBTA Transit Police, and the Massachusetts State Police, we work closely with such agencies to ensure they get a Hollywood-like quality unlike anything ever seen before in the history of Emergency Management.

Paul Antico is no stranger to making emotional films for the Public Sector.

Some of his works have even formed the cornerstone of certain Emergency Preparedness training programs for entire Nations. 

It's time for you to make a difference in your area of responsibility. Contact us to have us join your team.

Saving the world, one film at a time.