Metaphors in Film: Bloom

This blog contains a lot of technical knowledge about the tools we use, but they are all a means to and end. The end goal is to help people communicate though visuals, and do that in an emotionally impactful manner. It's about thinking, and doing, and feeling. It's about anticipating every moment. 

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have met amazing creatives and see the short films they share online. This piece, "Bloom", made for Lincoln Motor Company, is yet another great example of visual metaphors in film: where visuals and sound and music transcend the spoken or written word and for a few moments remind us of who we are (or should be) as human beings.

I was lucky enough to meet Khalid Mothasseb back at NAB in 2011. It seems like ages ago. I was supposed to interview him for a project about creatives, but it was halted so he could film a film for Sony on the then new PXW-F3 with the brand new Slog. It was one of the few F3 cameras in the world that had Slog installed.

At the time, Khalid was a pioneer in DSLR filmmaking, acting as DP on an amazingly well made ABC (in the US) true crime series entitled "Final Witness".  Khalid possesses a style that is much like my own: telling the story via the visual and not just the words. Feeling versus just telling. Communicating via the heart, and not just the words. 

This piece, "Bloom", is a simple story made for Lincoln Motor Company. Co-directed by Khalid and Diego Contreras, with cinematography led by Khalid, it does a brilliant job featuring the vehicle of course, but also the beauty of the American west, the actors within, and the wonderful feeling of emerging love. It's a story about living. It's a brilliant little work by a new breed of young cinematographers that is really what filmmaking is all about: digging into our collective soul through visuals.                                                                             

Well done, Khalid & Diego, well done indeed.

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