Pocket Jib Traveler Edition Review

This wonderful piece of kit from our friends at Kessler Crane is one that I reviewed about a year ago. Since we have used it on shoots across the country as well as right in Boston. I usually put a loaded C100 or even C300 on there, which I realize is a bit silly, but the shots stabilize well in post.  Our thoughts after a year?

This gear is an absolute must have for anyone dealing with a light (under 10lb) camera who wants dynamic jib shots easily. I mount it on a trusty Miller Solo DV tripod and take it to most shoots.

You can see the video review I made for it last year here under the old NeedCreative banner. It's still a great product after moderately heavy use. 

Vimeo are our friends. But you can also view on our YouTube Channel if you wish.

Kessler did not contribute any discount for this product; we purchased it full price.