Vimeo Adds Copyright Detection

We use both YouTube and Vimeo here at Anticipate Media. But Vimeo in particular are our friends, and they offer robust privacy options that really help share and deliver content to our clients. 


I was not surprised that Vimeo has announced a new copyright protection system. It's a necessary thing, really. I was however surprised that it will flag even private videos. These videos often contain temp music that will never be made public until purchased. 

Theres a human review process for this. However this could take time. 

Thankfully, unless the copyright owner submits to their provider, it won't be flagged. And we use mostly PremiumBeat for our licensed client music, and they have stated they won't be flaged on the new Vimeo system. (Read their statement and excellent blog post about this here.)

There are also alternatives we can use such as Dropbox. However we wanted to let you know not to worry: Vimeo remains a great service when used with our music provider, and will continue to be for our clients.   And original music we use or have commissioned won't be an issue either. 

If however you've used royalty free music from other sources, as we have, you may run into issues if you are a content creator. I've seen legitimately licensed music flagged for example on YouTube. Music I paid for from Apple, as part of a package, or other sources. Will that use now cause a flag at Vimeo? And how will fair use work?

We shall see. It's necessary and good to have copyright protection systems. I know I wouldn't want my video stolen. But the system has to be flexible to work around fair use and private client use.  I'm hoping out friends at Vimeo have thought this through so client work, which can be very time sensitive, isn't held up.