C300/GH4/A7S Part 1

So we have some new cameras. There will be a little test video coming up soon (an internal test but why not share it?)

In the meantime, let's have a look at a graded C300 shot next to a graded Sony A7s shot. Both at 80,000 ISO. Both same lens - Canon 24-105 F4 at F4. Graded but no noise reduction or sharpness applied.

Sony A7s was focused on top of the Wizard of Oz box, and was shot in full frame. It seems a little soft here, but it was focused more shallow due to the sensor size difference. It was shot in Slog2. This was a rush job, but it's otherwise equal parameters in an absolute worst-case lighting scenario (maybe 40w of light total in the room and none of it full spectrum.)

Much, much more to come.