Metaphors in Film: Tangled Sheets

Recently, a filmmaker (Chris Weatherly) I met on Twitter and at NAB years ago sent me a film (sure, let's call it a film) about marriage, relationships, love and loss.

He touched on the subjects I often feel compelled to tell but never have any time to do.  The result was the pretty beautifully shot and written short: Tangled Sheets.

A film is the sum of its parts. A great story moves the images onscreen so that the viewer takes a journey. What I find so most often missing from videos, especially corporate work, this is semblance of the soul. And often this comes from the things that are unsaid, but shown or heard in a film that send many more powerful messages then dialog or text could ever do alone.

I think this film is magnificent. Chris has chocked so many metaphors in this film to support the message that it's simply beautiful. From the way he uses slow motion, nature, the seasons, natural sound... you feel what the characters feel. You experience what they experience. You live a little more.

This is what it's all about. Kudos to Chris and writer Blake Frazer for this beautiful work.