Introducing the NeedCreative Brief Podcast

Many of you may not know, but the (outstanding) Go Creative Show by our friend Ben Consoli was originally the NeedCreative Podcast. In 2013, when I could no longer dedicate time to the show, I handed over the feed and advertisers at the time, etc. to Ben who re-imagined the show into the superstar it is today. I still regularly listen, and love it. You should too, as it is a deep look at some amazing people in film, of all levels from Hollywood down to one man bands.

The show took up way too much time for me, which is why I ended it. However, in the years since I have had people from all over the world (yes really) ask me to still say something. They want the old grit and opinionated banter of the original show. I cannot commit to that now, as I have far too many projects and responsibilities going on. However, I can probably give you 5 minutes of my time a week, which is what the new NeedCreative Brief podcast will be. 

5 (to 30) minutes. Gear, creativity, passion, visuals, story, set stories, you name it. Sometimes provocative, sometimes funny. I lay  laying down thoughts and experiences that are far easier to say than blog about, due to lack of time. It is not a replacement for the Go Creative Show, or my old show. It is simply a small slice of my experiences in the world of creativity and production management, in the style of a classic.

You can find us on iTunes as the NeedCreative Brief Podcast.

The first episodes have already been released. Welcome back friends.. sorta. :)