Latin Takeover and the Expansion of Anticipate Media

No, my Mac doesn’t know what “Artifex” is.


It’s Latin for artist.

I know it’s been a long long time, and I am not much of a blogger these days. But I have decided to bring back the old posts for historical/reference value, and yes. Add a new one.

Anticipate Media has always been about anticipating the next big moment in someone’s life. The next great creation, the next challenge, the next beautiful moment.

Anticipation is a feeling, and when you get there it’s a punctuation of life - which then leads to a memory that is not often forgotten.

As Anticipate Media expands beyond it’s Homeland Security style roots (which will remain very healthy), I decided to further break down our different brands alongside a new corporate identity.

The logo is simplified, and the brand story succinct. Latin is the root of all Latin languages, and it is the root of our brands.

Clear, concise, powerful, and very real, each brand will seek to serve its unique clients accordingly.

We are working on a ton of new stuff.

Great stuff. Like a new drama about the “sugar” dating world. More work for churches. Documentaries about faith, autism, and war.

Perhaps the thing I am most proud of is how we have circled back to the roots of my own creativity - to photography. Having been deep in the motion picture world for some time now, a good friend of mine reminded me of the value of the singular moment.

It is real. Certain. Authentic. In fact Certus, our new photography brand, means just that.

I am especially proud that Certus will not only represent art made custom for clients, but will be an ongoing concern where I sell prints. Certus will be a brand, as well as a personal art line from Paul Antico.

Thank you for joining me on this creative journey, as I forever seek to improve the art of making memories.

This IS reality. Created in a way that appeals to the minds, and souls, of humanity.

So that you will never forget. Now, then, or forevermore.