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2014 Year in Review in Creative Gear

My goodness, 2014 was loaded with so much going on that I didn’t have much time to write about it. We completed some major threat avoidance films, purchased and tested a LOT of gear, and made some major shifts in how we work. Here’s a quick look at the year in review, starting with our conversion to a fully 4k-capable workflow from acquisition to edit to render out. Let's take a look, shall we?

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Final Cut Pro X: What I thought in 2011

This is an interesting look at where I thought Final Cut Pro X and Apple's Pro market was going in 2011. Now it's 2014, and a lot has changed. There's a new Mac Pro. There's a much improved FCPX out. I am using both.

I think, conceptually, I was spot on. The software just needed to catch up, and now FCPX is a viable tool for professional editors and entry level editors alike. FCPX 10.1 is to me, where it should have been launched at however, insofar as pure pros go.

I will write about my experiences with it when I have time, but for now - as a preamble to that upcoming post - let's look back at 2011. Was I right? Did what I say come to pass?

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