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Snowlight: Our New Sony FS7 Test Film & Real-World Thoughts

After running a lot around with the Sony PXW-FS7 Camera and documenting it’s handful of odd known quirks and issues, Emmy award-winning cinematographer and frequent collaborator Rick Macomber and myself decided to get together for a few hours to shoot another test film. The results are above, and it’s a little more creative this time – with an actress and a poem written for it by yours truly.  Click to watch, and to learn about what we found out.

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Is DJI Really Inspired? [UPDATED]

DJI (makers of the very popular Phantom series of camera UAS or “drones”) have announced a new follow on named the Inspire 1. This new camera drone sits in the middle of the market between the low to medium low-end (the Phantom Vision models) and their high end (Spreading Wings), including elements of each. It looks like a "beast" as a millennial hipster "DP" may say as they stroke their extra long beard (no offense to hipsters of course, I listen to Mumford and Son too). But is it truly an upgrade to your image making from the sky?

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My First Few Weeks with the new Sony PXW-FS7 4K Super35 Camera [Updated]

This is a very short FS7 test, from my first real session shooting it besides messing around in the house while it rained. Once I got a clear day, I took the camera to the park and shot this over an hour, very quickly, all handheld/shoulder mounted as the camera comes out of the box. This is not my best work by any means, and has no real story, but so many people asked for some images I tossed this together. Includes extensive ongoing/evolving review.

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