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Introducing the NeedCreative Brief Podcast

5 minutes. Gear, creativity, passion, visuals, story, set stories, you name it. Sometimes provocative, sometimes funny. I lay  laying down thoughts and experiences that are far easier to say than blog about, due to lack of time. It is not a replacement for the Go Creative Show, or my old show. It is simply a small slice of my experiences in the world of creativity and production management, in the style of a classic.

Look for episodes to begin soon. Oh, and ... welcome back.

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Go Creative Podcast: Drone Zone

As you may know, I founded the NeedCreative Podcast a couple of years ago, and later handed the reigns to Ben Consoli as I retired from the show. Ben took up and ran with the concept, eventually turning the show into the "Go Creative Show".

In the intervening time, I have been producing all kinds of works, and experimenting with drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems. I created a video about my experiments for a MIT panel, and now it's fitting that I am back on the show - as a guest - to talk about my experiences.

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Pocket Jib Traveler Edition Review

This piece of kit I reviewed about a year ago, and since we have used it on shoots across the country as well as right in Boston. I usually put a loaded C100 or even C300 on there, which I realize is a bit silly, but the shots stabilize well in post. 

This gear is an absolute must have for anyone dealing with a light (under 10lb) camera who wants dynamic jib shots easily. I mount it on a trusty Miller Solo DV tripod and take it to most shoots.

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