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IRL: The Sony PXW-FS7 1.25 Years Later

This post is about the reality of the operation of the unit, over a year later  "IRL" - in real life, though various shoots. I'll keep this short and sweet and highlight some of the main experiences that have changed...and some that have not and probably will not. I'll first deal with rigging, then move onto firmware, then color correction/images.

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Tested: The Wonderful Sony FS7 Firmware 3.0 Update

Ah the Sony FS7, which we were one of the first in the world to review last year, has a new firmware update out. Well liked this little affordable camera has been taking over the indie scene and with good reason. It's a true mini F5, a great camera itself.

However, like that camera it was released in an incomplete state. Well over a year later, has Sony finally fixed the camera? The answer is yes. Absolutely.

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2014 Year in Review in Creative Gear

My goodness, 2014 was loaded with so much going on that I didn’t have much time to write about it. We completed some major threat avoidance films, purchased and tested a LOT of gear, and made some major shifts in how we work. Here’s a quick look at the year in review, starting with our conversion to a fully 4k-capable workflow from acquisition to edit to render out. Let's take a look, shall we?

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Snowlight: Our New Sony FS7 Test Film & Real-World Thoughts

After running a lot around with the Sony PXW-FS7 Camera and documenting it’s handful of odd known quirks and issues, Emmy award-winning cinematographer and frequent collaborator Rick Macomber and myself decided to get together for a few hours to shoot another test film. The results are above, and it’s a little more creative this time – with an actress and a poem written for it by yours truly.  Click to watch, and to learn about what we found out.

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My First Few Weeks with the new Sony PXW-FS7 4K Super35 Camera [Updated]

This is a very short FS7 test, from my first real session shooting it besides messing around in the house while it rained. Once I got a clear day, I took the camera to the park and shot this over an hour, very quickly, all handheld/shoulder mounted as the camera comes out of the box. This is not my best work by any means, and has no real story, but so many people asked for some images I tossed this together. Includes extensive ongoing/evolving review.

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