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— Confucius

Our Gear & Rental Information

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Anticipate Media offers a fairly wide range of Independent Filmmaker's Gear. We specialize both in both 2K/Full 1080P HD and full 4K (DCI & UHD) production in house. We are fully equipped to both acquire and edit any production, with a modern edit bay featuring the latest in high-end 4K and 5K displays and similarly capable computer equipment. Our kit is available as follows:

  • Wet Hire (i.e., including a professional to work with the gear or watch it) as part of Paul's Day Rate (see Services).
  • Dry Hire (i.e., traditional equipment rental without a person), available under specialized circumstances, at competitive rates, and included with most of our productions.
  • Used for in-house productions: of course, any production coordinated by Anticipate Media comes with full access to our in-house kit at discounted rates.
With multiple cameras, including multiple cinema-style and small and light 4K options, we can offer significant cinematic camera coverage in-house without having to often resort to third party rentals. This vast capability streamlines the speed, and costs, of your production.
— Paul Antico, Owner - Anticipate Media

We have a significantly full-range kit in house, aside from what we hire-in, including but not limited to:


4K CINEMA Cameras

Multiple professional 4K and HD digital interchangeable lens large sensor, cinema-style cameras

4K Cinema: Sony PXW FS7 | Sony PXW FS5 | Sony A7R Mark II | DJI Zenmuse X5 | Atomos Shogun (4K Recorder)

The Sony PXW-FS7 High Bitrate 4K Super 35mm Cinema Camera, in a light "run n gun" configuration used for testing.

The Sony PXW-FS7 High Bitrate 4K Super 35mm Cinema Camera, in a light "run n gun" configuration used for testing.

Using award-winning, modern cinema-style cameras and lenses from Sony, Zeiss, and Canon, and with the ability to rent anything, we have a full range of 4K and HD capture devices at our direct disposal. Ranging from professional 4K Super 35mm sensor cameras with wide cinematic dynamic range, to highly sensitive full-frame cameras, we have your production needs covered. In house we can cover your story or event with at least 8 cameras at once, and can hire many more. 

All of our cameras have 4K capability (and stunning HD capability), and feature wide dynamic range imagery. Some of the cameras can even capture in 4:2:2 color at 10 or 12 bits. We have the most modern equipment for the most modern needs, while still being able to remain nimble to capture unfolding events.

And our latest addition, the Sony A7RII can not only shoot stunning high dynamic range 4K video in camera, but also takes amazing 42 Megapixel full frame stills.

And our new Zenmuse X5 camera mounts on the DJI OSMO Pro to obtain fantastic run n' gun footage from a Micro 4/3 Super 16mm style digital cinema camera in 4K.

In addition to traditional cinema cameras, we have specialty cameras too:

4K Specialty/Aerial: GoPro Hero 3+ Black | GoPro Hero 4 Black | Sony RX100 Mark IV | DJI Inspire 1

The GoPro Hero 4 Black camera for outstanding 4K visuals from drones and in every kind of mount you can think of.

Multiple GoPro HD Hero 3 Black cameras including a wide range of mounts, remotes, enclosures for sports, underwater, aerial, and odd angle shots.

Multiple aerial cinematography kits from DJI Innovations featuring multiple UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) drones for stunning helicopter-style shots*


A full range of fast prime and zoom lenses including those from Canon (including L series), Zeiss, Leica, Tokina, Rokinon/Samayang, and others covering a full range from 11mm to 400mm and beyond.

Support & Camera Movement EQUIPMENT

Manfrotto Heavy Duty | Miller | Kessler K-Pod, K-Flex Dolly | Kessler Crane | Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler | Kessler Pocket Dolly | Vinten Vision | Varavon BirdyCam II Motorized Gimbal | DJI OSMO Pro

A full range of cranes, jibs, stabilizers, tripods, monopods, light stands, booms, and tripod heads from Vinten, Avenger, Kessler Crane, Zacuto, and Manfrotto, among others.

A full sound production suite

Rode NTG2, VideoMic | Sony Shotgun and UWP Digital Wireless | Shure SM7B | Up to 6 Channel XLR recordings | Zoom Recorders

A full Wired and Wireless microphone kit including shotguns, wired and wireless lavalieres, booms, and field recorders.

A full broadcast studio Voice Over/Narration kit including the legendary Shure SM7B microphone.

Lights, Monitors, 4K Editing Systems, & EVEN a Dedicated FULL HD PROJECTED Screening Room

1'x1' LED | Lowel ProLights (tungsten)| Switronix Bolt LEDS | Redheads | 5K & 4K Monitoring | Apple MacPro (latest) | 106" Screening Room

Multiple LED and tungsten light setups, including 1x1 and smaller sizes.

Need grip gear or light modifiers? we own a lot of it: stands, flags, scrims, etc

HD and 4K Professional Monitors

Multiple 4K capable Apple Mac Based editing systems, with full native 4K monitoring

Full in-house theater/screening room with 106" screen, 10 speakers, and the latest HD projection gear to test footage and production value in theater environments.

... and much more not listed here.

An important note about UAS (drone) Filmmaking

The DJI Inspire 1, 4K dual-operator quadcopter

DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Anticipate Media intends to become fully FAA certified to fly commercially in the United States per the new SMALL UNMANNED AIRCRAFT RULE (PART 107) FAA regulation (once the effective date is reached in August, 2016). Until certification can occur, it is Anticipate Media's policy that aerial shots will not be produced directly by the company.

Anticipate Media is not an aerial filmmaking company, and we do not produce video from UAV drones solely as paid jobs for commercial purposes. 

Please note: We do not, nor will we ever, rent our drones out.