Ep. 6 - The FS5 Storm of Discontent

UPDATE 1/27/16: Sony admits a fault in official statement. This likely relates to the smearing lines not the overall noise (which is where that guideline document will come in) but still this is a great turnabout. "‘Sony has investigated the PXW-FS5 image artifact issues reported by users. Our engineers have been able to duplicate these issues and identify their root cause. Sony plans to provide a firmware update. Our goal is to issue this revised firmware toward February/end.

To ensure that users achieve the best results from the FS5, Sony is also preparing guidelines to help professional shooters take full advantage of the FS5’s features, including S-Log and S-Gamut’

Hopefully the community will learn from this that not all reported problems are users "doing it wrong", and that insulting them isn't effective. More to come on the next episode as I discuss the FS7 update as well. 

About the episode previously:

Well not really. But apparently, I set off an absolute shitstorm on the internet regarding the Sony PXW-FS5 "digital motion picture" camera. I had no idea so many people (including me) could get so passionate about a tool no one will care about in 5 years. :) But here it is.

So in this episode I explain and clarity my position and experiences. (Yes it's a nice camera!). I talk about the limitations and how to work around them. I make some suggestions to Sony on what to improve/fix and how to better market and treat their customers. I speak of the "opportunity costs" pyramid and how it relates to filmmaking gear.

Then I move away from the subject towards the things that matter most. Finally, I explain the style of the show and the edge I am going for... and why you should not swear in front of your clients.

(Post title of "FS5 Fuzz" Image thanks to EOSHD...)

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