Ep. 7 - Vindication!

Sony listens. Others would not. On this new episode of the NeedCreative Brief Podcast we discuss what Sony's admission says about the state of the Internet. The story just continues in this funny geeky episode.

Also we discuss the latest Sony FS7 firmware, the A7RII vs the A7SII, the amazing new FS7 to Arri LUT by Bert Degraeve and life. It's a real fun, info packed show. After all, we have something to celebrate. :)

If this isn't clear even given YouTube's horrible compression, I dunno what is. -P

Noise comparison between the Sony PXW-FS7 and Sony PXW-FS5. Both cameras were shot Rec709 at 3200 ISO, and in S-Gamut3 S-Log3 at their respective native ISO's (3200 ISO FS5 and 2000 ISO FS7). Noise suppression was turned off on both cameras and was shot in HD so we could see both cameras at 10-bit recording.