Ep. 8 - Lighting & Shoutouts

In this latest episode we talk about all kinds of great portable lighting options we use on various shoots that don't have to cost a lot of money.

Then I go on about some of the best online resources for filmmakers and tech lovers, especially on YouTube. Some highlights included:

  • Wescott Flex Lights
  • Switronix BOLT LED
  • Lowell PortaPro
  • CamPlus Magic Wand
  • Westcott Fast Flags
  • ErikNaso.com
  • EOSHD.com
  • GoCreativeShow.com
  • BC Media Productions
  • NewsShooter.com
  • LearningVideo.com
  • TLD - Jonathan Morrison
  • FilmmakerIQ.Com

And much more!

(Picture courtesy of NewsShooter.com.)