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Passion. Pain. Light. Love. Loss. fashion. Photography.

If filmmaking is the confluence of a million moving pictures to tell a story, a photograph is but one - still telling a rich story but captured in one brief moment.

At Anticipate Media, our still photography seeks to impart the same emotions as our films into a single frame. To capture the heart, soul, and feeling of the subject that very moment - and for that feeling never to fade.

With CERTUS, we are creating both art, both customized (contact us), or curated, that you can purchase as framed prints in our NEW online store, or obtain as files.

Whatever you choose, be assured it will be reflective of the real. Interpreted.

Paul ANTICO’S latest work BELOW:

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My eyes see things differently.

I don’t just take photos. I create art. Every photo tells a considered story. Now my unique and one-of-a-kind art can be yours in framed form (store coming soon) or as a custom piece of art.

Contact us to get started.