It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
— Albert Einstein

The NeedCreative Podcast "classic" ceased production in July of 2013, and the old episodes are currently no longer available to download. A sincere thank you for all those who participated and listened. Paul had a great time putting together over 50 episodes with Jason and then Ben Consoli but other commitments necessitate him moving on.

To ensure listeners don't lose out on similar content, we entered into an agreement to have BC Media Prodctions' Ben Consoli take over the old NeedCreative Podcast feed. He agreed to transition it over time to a similar yet entirely whole new show called the "Go Creative Show" which is now in full swing.  Find the page for the Go Creative podcast here. We are sure you will enjoy the new content, style, and great high profile guests.


... as the NeedCreative Brief. This is a new a 5 min or less weekly (we hope) podcast to fill you in on the latest production and creative news and thoughts through the opinionated eyes of our founder, Paul Antico. We don't have time for massive shows and interviews, but we do have thoughts to share and vice versa. The latest episodes are below. We are also in iTunes.

Where'd Paul go?

Nowhere! But as part of a restructuring of our online social media presence and branding plan, Anticipate Media has closed our Facebook account. We are back in a limited manner on Twitter under @Anticipate_M. You may continue to find us here, at, and contact us via this page. We also maintain a presence on Vimeo, and YouTube. We also started periodic blog on this site to continue the NeedCreative tradition. And you can find us via the links below.