Storytelling has a narcotic power.
— Robert Harris, Novelist

First and foremost, we are cinematic storytellers - for those who keep us safe. We help tell stories for industries that normally don't have access to such emotive quality in their productions, including Law Enforcement, Security, Emergency Management, and government sectors. We bring emotion and soul into productions that might otherwise be missing these critical elements, to ensure the message is received loud and clear by your audience.

From keeping us safe to keeping us entertained, we also work with those in the hospitality, entertainment, and fashion industries to help people soothe the souls that the others nourish and protect.

Anticipate Media is focused primarily on producing complete end-to-end productions (where we perform all the work and hire as necessary onto the production). This can include Producing, Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Color, and Sound. It can also include stills photography.

our Clients

We are particularly focused in the emergency preparedness, law enforcement, and security arenas. Our clients and sub clients include major entities such as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) among other state law enforcement agencies, some of which are shown below. And our own Paul Antico has been fully vetted by the US Federal Government and holds a security clearance. *

We generally work on the following types of motion picture productions: 

  • Documentaries,

  • Training videos,

  • Documenting training events and exercises,

  • Public Affairs pieces for city and state governments,

  • Short narrative pieces,

  • Commercials for local and regional broadcast or the Web,

  • Corporate promotional pieces,

  • Corporate internal/morale pieces...

.... for the following types of clients:

  • Law Enforcement and Security Professionals,

  • City and State Governments,

  • Non-Profit Organizations,

  • Churches,

  • Other Film & Video Production Companies,

  • Small Businesses,

  • Restaurants, Clubs,

  • Museums,

  • Independent Artists

Our speciality is essentially to create Hollywood-style cinematic style productions for any entity that does not have unlimited funds, yet still demands very high production values. This is especially true for industries where such quality might not normally be seen in video. We understand what the public emotionally responds to. We get it.
— Paul Antico, Founder - Anticipate Media


We are skilled in translating our unique emotional feel to stills photography as well. Whether it’s sports, or lifestyle, fashion, portrait, or hospitality, we have you covered.

Other Creative Services

We have the capability to document your event with the latest equipment. Contact us for further information.

We perform Voice Over/Narration work - See our Vimeo Portfoilo - watch "Wonder No More, "Canobie", "The Holiday Year" for examples. Updated over time.

Our Rates are negotiable

Rates are generally negotiable based on on project and requirement; please contact us for more information with your project scope and ideas and we can work with you so that you get what you need at a cost you can afford. Depending on the project, rates can and will vary extensively. 

The only thing that won't vary is an attention to detail, and a goal of a cinematic visual style for your piece.

We sometimes volunteer

We love to give back to the community, although our opportunities to do so are limited and as such are considered on a case-by-case special basis for a good cause. All pro-bono work must include rights to the footage to show independently as demo reel examples. Be sure to contact us for more information.


We have a ready team of seasoned professionals that share our cinematic visualmaking vision to help when necessary. Whether it's shooting/camera operating, directing the visual look of a project (DP), directing, editing, or producing - no matter what craftspersons are assigned to your job the result will always be carefully managed with a cinematic visual style in mind. 

Insurance & Security

Anticipate Media is fully insured including up to a $2 Million professional liability policy from industry leader CNA. Our equipment is housed in multiple facilities, protected and remotely monitored using multiple covert and overt security methods, to ensure your job can always be completed on time without worry.

A Certificate of Insurance is available upon request when starting a project.


* The work of Anticipate Media as a company is not explicitly endorsed or recommended by the US Federal Government, and there should be no connection or endorsement implied by any US Federal Government entity.