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This is our most powerful moment: the moment things change. That fleeting hour when you walk down the street and wonder what that person is hiding from, or that other person is fighting. Right there - that's a chance to share humanity with the world. 

These are personal stories. They are truth, often times acutely exposed, honest and observant. Documentaries are most powerful when the spoken word is complimented by a thousand more said quietly in the frame captured by the lens.

This is art, this is honesty, and this is what we do. 

Case Study:  Chasing the Light

I met a young woman on Instagram who has a very interesting story: photography is helping to save her soul. 

Currently in production, (even in 2019, it's a life story) Chasing the Light is a story about the dreams many of us have - of a better place, a peaceful place... that we call home.

Paul Antico has produced nationally-distributed documentaries for major entities about powerful subjects. Some are in production now, including a long look at the middle ground of Autism and how it changes everyone it touches, titled "Spectrum". Paul has covered such major subjects as hurricanes, tragic shootings, and terrorist attacks, all over the United States.

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Life is happening all around us. Let us capture it for you.