If you make people feel emotion when they watch your video, it becomes a “film”. They will remember the message and the content, because it essentially becomes associated to memory in their brain’s inner wiring. This approach may preserve a memory, save a life, or even fill a soul.
— Paul Antico, Founder, Anticipate Media


We are a unique team of seasoned news, cinema, public safety, intelligence, and counterterrorism professionals who has helped form many emergency response plans. We gather the latest intel, we stay in tune with the latest in Emergency Preparedness techniques... and we then translate that into art.

We are artists at the intersection of passion and planning, faith and fortitude. 

Anticipate Media is about conveying the power, emotion, and experience of life, and how to save it. We do so with training and promotional films that are hard-hitting and dynamic, yet human. 

We anticipate that next great event, help your audience prepare for it, experience it, and never forget what to do next.

How we do this is through the use of cutting edge, modern, rapid-response filmmaking. We use all the tools of the trade: cinema, marketing, psychological studies, counter adversarial studies, cutting edge communications methods, shots that aim for diversity and inclusion, and much more to make your job get done right.