If you make people feel emotion when they watch your video, it becomes a “film”. They will remember the message and the content, because it essentially becomes associated to memory in their brain’s inner wiring. Depending on your subject, this approach may save a memory, a life, or a soul.

We don’t make “video by the pound”. We enhance life. And that’s why you’ll want to anticipate the next great memory with us.
— Paul Antico, Founder, Anticipate Media

It's all about the science.

And we then translate that into art.

Anticipate Media is about conveying the power, emotion, and experience of life and making it move with visuals. It's about capturing the spirit of your experiences and what you are trying to do... or where you've been.

It's about anticipating that next great memory, and capturing it.

Every video or photography project approached by Anticipate Media is done so with one goal - how do we move people? How do we compel them to watch? How to we engage them to act? How do we make them feel?

That's a stretch goal for some projects, we will admit that. But we will try to get there for you the best we can, which is a lot more than many others will do or are capable of doing. That's why we're here - to make your world a little bit better through the magic of Cinematic Visual Storytelling

How we do this is through the use of cutting edge, modern, rapid-response filmmaking. We use light and nimble 4K cinema camera packages along with Emmy-award winning news and documentarian experts to capture the essence of what you want remembered.